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About TRR

TRR offers expert assistance to redundant white-collar staff, employers and trade union representatives in the private sector. We are a non-profit foundation with close to 50 years experience of redundancy situations. Our goal is to try and make sure the time from one job to another should be as short, effective and as meaningful as possible.

About TRR

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35 000 companies in the private sector are affiliated to TRR: Is yours one of them? Enter your company’s registration number below. If you don’t know the number, you can find it online at allabolag.se

  • Did you know that…

    ...nine out of ten clients at TRR gets a new job? Your personal adviser will guide you on the way.

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  • Did you know that...

    ...supplementary unemployment benefit (AGE) supplements what you receive from the union unemployment insurance fund? To be entitled certain basic conditions must be met.

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    ...you can recruit staff through our service TRR Recruitment? Any company with recruitment needs can use TRR Recruitment free of charge to help find new employees.

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    ...most of TRR's publications are available in English? You can download or order them for free.

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