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About TRR

TRR offers expert assistance to redundant white-collar staff, employers and trade union representatives in the private sector.

We are a non-profit foundation with 40 years' experience of redundancy situations. Our goal is to try and make sure the time from one job to another should be as short, effective and as meaningful as possible.

  • TRR's mission is to create successful change in its affiliated companies and for their employees. We strive to make sure that the time between one job and another is as short and helpful as possible.
  • The Foundation was established in 1974 and is owned by employer associations in The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and unions in PTK.
  • We have approximately 240 employees and are active in over 40 locations across the country, with our headquarters in Stockholm. About 35 000 companies with 950 000 employees are connected to TRR.
  • We make it possible for companies and unions to work with a single vendor to help all redundant employees – both salaried staff and manual workers. Support for manual workers is offered through our subsidiary, Startkraft.
  • TRR's work is based on the redundancy agreement between unions in PTK and employer associations in the Confederation of Swedish enterprise. A fee of 0,3 per cent of the company's payroll funds our services.

The agreement covers mainly white-collar staff employed within PTK contract areas. At some companies, there are exceptions where the agreement also applies to employees covered by the agreement with the LO union and salaried outside PTK, such as Posten, Telia and Vattenfall.