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About TRR - succesful transition

Companies are constantly changing and exchanging skills, industries are being transformed and globalization is moving jobs around the world. In the time of these changes, TRR stands firm, creating successful transitions that help the Swedish labour market evolve smoothly.

TRR is a result of the restructuring agreement, which was concluded between the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and PTK in 1974. The purpose of the agreement is to support private-sector employees who have been made redundant in their quest for a new job.

We support those made redundant with personal advice, seminars and practical exercises. For example, they may need help looking for a job, or sharpening up their resumé and LinkedIn profile, practicing for an interview or deciding whether or not to start their own company. In addition, TRR offers severance pay (AGE), a financial supplement to unemployment benefit, for those who are 40 or older.

We also support companies - before, during and after a transition. We support managers and union representatives in their roles; these are often exposed and tough but rarely trained for. A company transition leaves no one untouched. We have experience in how companies can and should communicate to reach their goals and move forward.

Excellent results

TRR's values are based on trust, commitment and results. Trust and commitment are part of everything we do. Therefore, we achieve good results. We believe that the labour market has become, and will continue to be, more volatile. Daring to let go and change jobs benefits everyone. The majority of those whom TRR supports in their search for a new job receive equal or higher salaries or positions. Despite being made redundant. Transition can be a new opportunity for both the individual and the company, but the change process must be carried out in a respectful way for the good of everyone.

TRR in brief

  • TRR was formed in 1974 by the parties in the private labour market - employers' associations within Swedish Enterprise and trade unions within PTK. The Board is represented by representatives from PTK and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.
  • TRR is run as a non-profit foundation.
  • About 35,000 companies with 950,000 employees are affiliated to TRR.
  • We support redundant white-collar staff, company management and union representatives - before, during and after transition.
  • Our goal is for the path from one job to another to be as short, efficient and meaningful as possible.
  • With TRR, companies and unions can have one and the same supplier for restructuring support for all those during redundancy negotiations - both white-collar staff and blue-collar workers. Support for manual workers is offered through our subsidiary, Startkraft
  • The restructuring agreement applies to white-collar staff employed under PTK contracts. See if your company is affiliated with TRR
  • TRR has approximately 240 employees in more than 40 locations in the country. Our head office is located in Stockholm.
  • Read the history of TRR and the Swedish labour market