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Compensation if you are unemployed

If you are unemployed, you may be entitled to compensation from several different sources. Union unemployment insurance funds, income protection insurance and redundancy pay are a few examples.

Compensation from your union unemployment insurance fund “A-kassa”

If you are a member of an “A-kassa” – a union unemployment insurance fund – you are entitled to compensation up to a maximum of 80 per cent of the income you had previously. At the moment the income ceiling for compensation from union unemployment insurance funds is 25,025 SEK per month. This means that you would only receive 80 per cent of 25,025 SEK, even if you earn more than that. If you earn more than 25,025 SEK a month, your compensation will be less than 80 per cent. 

Which union’s unemployment insurance fund you can belong to depends on your education or profession. Read more about the different Swedish unemployment insurance funds here: Sveriges a-kassor.se

Income protection insurance

Several unions offer income protection insurance to supplement their unemployment insurance fund. Income protection insurance covers up to 80 per cent of your earnings. If you are entitled to redundancy pay (avgångsersättning, AGE) from TRR Trygghetsrådet, this, together with your income protection insurance, will entitle you to 80 per cent of your earnings in compensation.  If you would like more information about your income protection insurance, contact your union.

Supplementary unemployment benefit (AGE)

Supplementary unemployment benefit (AGE) from TRR supplements what you receive from the union unemployment insurance fund if you have been made redundant because of work shortage and you work for a company which is affiliated to TRR.  

To be entitled to supplementary unemployment benefit (AGE), certain basic conditions must be met.

Read more about the conditions for AGE

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